With thousands of new job opportunities being added every day, you can choose from a wide range of marketing jobs in UAE and Middle East region. These jobs come with great salary packages with mostly starting from 40,000-50,000 per annum. Along come excellent incentives and bonus benefits as well. These marketing jobs are not only well paid, but a driving force in analyzing your sales and marketing skills and generating you higher growth rate. Various big companies in Dubai are presently hiring PR & marketing manager, marketing communications manager and various other posts in marketing.

Cleaning companies and other manual labor jobs are in great demand in the Middle East, especially in UAE. Having huge demand for such services, there has been urgent requirement for various cleaning jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE and middle east. Numerous cleaning companies and other business offices are hiring office boys, cleaning supervisor, division manager, customer service executive and other people for cleaning jobs.

The real estate industry in UAE and middle east region has faced a real setback with the economic recession and fall in real estate prices. There has been a massive reduction in various real estate jobs here, with only a few companies hiring for various positions and real estate jobs.